Human Security & Border Politics

[caption id="attachment_2563" align="alignleft" width="202"]Human Security di Perbatasan - Yohanes Sanak Human Security di Perbatasan - Yohanes Sanak[/caption]

Writer: Yohanes Sanak

Year: 2012


222 + xx halaman

140 x 210 mm

ISBN: 978-602-96762-9-7


This book examine how border areas in Indonesia's management through state policy. In this book the author highlights disparities in border management policy in Indonesia, which put more emphasis on the elements rather than the element area residents or people who live in the border region. More specifically, the emphasis on the aspect of the area is also dominated by the conventional security perspective where threats are assumed always tend to come from outside.

By looking through the analysis of inequality Strength-Weakness-Opportunity and Treath or SWOT, the authors argue for promoting human-security approach as an alternative approach to border management more comprehensive. It is noteworthy that the arguments set forth in this book, the author did not pretend to ignore the elements of the area at all, however, which became one of the key points in this book, is the necessity of process with respect to elements of the border region and in a balanced population where disparity in the management would actually pose a potential threat to the sovereignty of a more serious state.