Gender Equality Dilemma


Writer: Dra Sri Djoharwinarlien, SU Year: 2012 Size: Price:

This book tells that there are a number of factual contradictions faced by women in Indonesia, despite the claims of the state and public support for the role and contribution of women to public life. The contradictions among others, inconsistent enforcement of formal rules that place women as equal citizens subject with his male partner. The propping view most of the Indonesian public that saw the association between women and the domestic area of work as part of a "natural law" coupled with a view that saw the domestic area of work is a subordinate of the work in public areas.

In such a situation, on the one hand the idea of ​​women's emancipation has been relatively accepted as the norm in modern Indonesian society. But on the other hand there are a number of old ideas and social practices which still strongly structured nature of thought and behavior of the Indonesian people, not only men but also women themselves.